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Virtual Summer Camps

Virtual / Online Camps 2023

Summer camps have gone VIRTUAL! This is's week-by-week list of hundreds of online summer camps for 2023 drawn from all over North America, Click on the subject filter to show the topics that interest your kids!

*Remember, the time zone of the camp might not match with the time zone where you live, so make sure to take that into consideration as you're investigating!

Title Description
Virtual Summer Camp from Guidepost Montessori: SCIENCE AND CIRCUITRY, August 1-5, 2022
Guidepost Montessori Virtual Camp
SCIENCE AND CIRCUITRY: Campers will create their own world of fictional friends and characters from making grass heads to their very own comic book. Bringing their inner worlds to life will delight campers as they develop artistic skills, learn to define character narratives, and bring to life the ways that characters define our own identities. Camp is held Monday - Friday as half-day programming available in two time zones: 9:00-12:00pm EST / 9:30-12:30pm PST. Families will need to source some general household products and supplies; we share a materials list in advance. Pricing: $150/week not including supplies and materials.
Aga Khan Museum Virtual Summer Camp
Aga Khan Museum
The 2022 Aga Khan Museum Camp welcomes kids back virtually for summer fun with friends old and new.
ONLINE Experimental Video Art Lab | Ages 11-13
Art Students League of Denver
In this summer camp we are going to use our smartphones, tablets or laptops with editing apps to make a video art piece. Using our favorite art language like painting, dance, poetry, photography, music, scenography, installation, performance art and video to express what we want to communicate. The student should be familiar with any editing app.
Auttie World Virtual Art Summer Camp
Auttie World, Inc.
Join us on Saturdays for a Virtual Art Summer Camp that provides students (6-15 yrs.) an opportunity to come online (ZOOM), to do activities that are centered around Visual Traditional Art, Holistic Art, and FUN! At Auttie World, children are viewed as unique and gifted individuals. We feel each child’s development is best supported through an emergent & creative Holistic curriculum.
Boolean Girl Online STEM Camps! Scratch, Python, Artificial Technology!
Boolean Girl
Learn to code this summer with Boolean Girl's 1/2 day virtual STEM camps.
Summer Circuits with Brooklyn Robot Foundry
Brooklyn Robot Foundry
Make it a summer of creativity and fun online with Brooklyn Robot Foundry! Kids 6-12yrs old will be building a really cool robot each day within one of 6 awesome themes. In addition to the amazing robots, there will be games, crafts, socializing, and movement breaks for all. As with all of the Foundry's programs, there's a very low student-to-teacher ratio and all the materials are supplied in advance.
Code Galaxy Virtual Camps
Code Galaxy - Philadelphia
Code Galaxy’s online coding classes are the best way for kids from elementary to high school to learn computer skills that will set them up for success for the rest of their lives.
Online Summer Tech Camp
Premium Coding, Game Design, Minecraft and Roblox weekly full-day Summer Camps for kids ages 6 to 16!
CodeWizardsHQ Summer Coding Camps
CodeWizardsHQ Live Online Coding Classes for Kids and Teens
CodeWizardsHQ offers the most fun (and effective!) coding camps and classes for ages 8-18. Hands-on and interactive learning, highly customizable projects, and engaging coding-professional educators make for an experience that students love. Their Minecraft and Roblox coding camps are perfect for gamers interested in coding. Students can learn Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Scratch, Java and more.
Camp EDMO Online
No matter where you live, join us for an incredible summer with Camp EDMO Online! Choose between two interactive technology themes and get access to all the fun, whether your kid is traveling the country for the summer, in a rural town across the country, or just prefers to be at home. 
Grades 4-8 Summer Reading and Online Socialization Camp
Focus Online, LLC
45 Minute Book Discussion and 30 Minute "Break-Out Room": Open and Guided Conversation
Grades 2-4 Summer Read-Aloud Online Program
Focus Online, LLC
45 Minutes of Read-Aloud, Book Discussion, and Craft
IMACS Virtual Math and Computer Enrichment Summer Camp
Your child will love IMACS Live! summer camp classes because they are interactive, engaging, and unlike anything they've ever done before!
IMACS Virtual Summer Classes
Make summer count! At IMACS, we've been combining serious academic benefits with fun and excitement for three decades with our carefully crafted classes and expertly trained instructors. This summer's STEM camp, which is completely online, immerses students in fun-filled academic pursuits: Logic Puzzles, Coding, and university-level classes in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics. These online classes are fun, interactive, and instructor-led. Weekly sessions run Monday through Friday.
Business & Finance - Online Summer Camp
Ivy Camps USA
Discover the exciting world of Business Leadership through hands-on activities, comprehensive instruction by Ivy League instructors, and the pursuit of original projects led by students
Media Creation & Public Speaking - Online Summer Camp
Ivy Camps USA
Discover the exciting world of Arts, Media, and Communication through hands-on experiments, comprehensive instruction by Ivy League instructors, and the pursuit of original projects led by students.
Creatures & Characters - Online Summer Camp
Ivy Camps USA
Discover the exciting world of Animals, Video Games, and Famous Fictional Heroes through hands-on activities, comprehensive instruction by Ivy League instructors, and the pursuit of original projects led by students
Science & Engineering - Online Summer Camp
Ivy Camps USA
Discover the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics through hands-on activities, comprehensive instruction by Ivy League instructors, and the pursuit of original projects led by students
FREE Junior Achievement Virtual STEM Summer Camp
Junior Achievement of Utah
Free 2 day virtual STEM camp using Zoom and Scratch. 4th to 8th graders will learn how to create a simple computer game. August 2-3 9am-12pm.
Spanish Immersion Virtual Camps by Language Kids World
Language Kids World
VIRTUAL SPANISH IMMERSION CAMP: Learning another language has never been so much fun! Early childhood is the best time to learn another language. Maximize your child’s window of opportunity and give them the gift of bilingualism this summer with our amazing language immersion virtual camps. A different thematic unit is offered every week and tailored for each age group.
MehtA+ AI in Visual Arts Camp
The AI in Visual Arts Camp will be an introductory 1 week bootcamp where students in grades 5 - 12 will learn about the application of AI in Visual Arts and participate in a mock AI + art startup pitch session. Students will be divided based on grade. This camp will take place August 1-5, 2022.
MICDS Eliot Summer Academy - Global Online Academy
Eliot Summer Academy is excited to offer additional courses through Global Online Academy (GOA). GOA’s Mission is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally-networked society.
Online Speech and Debate Camp - By School of Thought
Online Speech and Debate Camp - By School of Thought
Our programs are recommended for learners who are looking to build their confidence in public speaking, sharpen their argumentative and critical thinking skills, and have fun doing so. Click here to see our curriculum:
Kids Acrylic Painting Camp
Painting Over the Moon
In this summer camp we will meet once per week for 8 weeks for 60-90 mins. Students will learn the basics of acrylic painting and color mixing. Each week we will paint a canvas using a simple supply list. Students will have the entire week to complete their painting and the recorded class will be posted in the private group page.
Virtual Summer Math Camp
Room 17 Math, Inc.
Room 17’s Summer Math Camp is a unique opportunity to sustain grade appropriate skills throughout the summer, in order to avoid the summer slide! We know that in order to engage students in math over the summer, it needs to be FUN! Therefore, each session is carefully designed to include fun games and tasks chosen to engage students, both in and outside of camp!
Chinese Language and Culture Online Camp
SPIRAL International
Learn to speak Chinese and participate in hands-on cultural activities with our online instructors! This small-group class will meet daily and learn things ranging from how to introduce yourself in Chinese to how to make traditional Chinese crafts.
Teach Me Wall Street - Finance Summer Boot Camps for Teens
Teach Me Wall Street
Teach Me Wall Street offers 4, weekly summer boot-camps that will empower teens with real world knowledge about money, investing, trading and the role of Wall Street and banks - topics rarely covered in school.
Teach Me Wall Street
Teach Me Wall Street
Teach Me Wall Street offers a virtual summer program for teens that focuses on investing, trading, and real-world money matters. Instruction is LIVE, interactive and offered by seasoned professionals. There are four different finance summer boot camp options offered at varying times throughout the summer.
Virtual Summer Camp Taliesin West (ages 7–12)
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation - Taliesin West
Campers will explore architecture, engineering, and history with specially designed activities to work on from home. Every hands-on activity uses basic household items (a supply list will be provided before camp begins).
Spanish at The Polytech
The Polytech
Learn Spanish in a fun and informative way by studying one-on-one with a skilled, patient instructor this summer!
Summer Cooking with The Polytech
The Polytech
Cook in your own kitchen while our online chef instructor is a few steps ahead and gives you immediate feedback as the recipe progresses. Eat at the end of class!
Web Design at The Polytech
The Polytech
Learn how to build a website, size and insert photos, and beginning coding this summer in one-on-one lessons with a patient and knowledgeable instructor who will support you through each step.
Algebra Boot Camp at The Polytech
The Polytech
Get ready for an algebra class this fall or refresh if you're entering Algebra II by studying one-on-one with a skilled, patient instructor this summer!
Cooking with The Polytech
The Polytech
Cook at home in your own kitchen along with our teacher, who is streaming the lesson from a professional kitchen in real time. She's just a few minutes ahead of students to show them how to cut ingredients or how thick sauce should be, etc. Students get feedback on their dishes and at the end of the 2-hour class, have a delicious meal ready for their family.
Joy of Coding with University of Michigan Engineering faculty
University of Michigan
Jumpstart your introduction to the world of coding! With an Intro to Coding online course from University of Michigan Engineering faculty.
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Take unlimited courses for $99 all summer long in Coding, Science, Study Skills, Reading, Cooking, Art and more! Register now for Summer-long online courses to unleash your child's creativity and potential. We have all the magic of a camp with structured sessions available in two formats, instructor-led courses and DIY courses. Our most demanded courses include Cooking, Science, Python, Minecraft, Roblox, Cybersecurity, and more.
Cyber Sleuths: Cybersecurity 101
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In this evolving world, cyber crimes are are on the rise and your virtual space is like a house that needs protection. Your system is at Risk! is one of the most common alert messages sent when the system is under attack. Cyber attacks and cybersecurity can be as simple as not sharing passwords to making sure your system is locked and protected. Let's start learning the ins and outs of how to keep our virtual space safe and slay a few cyber criminals along the way.
Kids Online Intro to Java Coding Camp
Young Gates- San Francisco
Learn the java coding form this week 5 Day program.
Machine Learning Internship
Young Gates- San Francisco
Kids started with basics of Machine Learning
Web Development Internship
Young Gates- San Francisco
Kids started Learning Web Development
Presentation / Public Speaking Skills Camp
Young Gates- San Francisco
Learn Presentation / Public Speaking Skills
Camp - Graphic Designing
Young Gates- San Francisco
Learn the Graphic Designing from this one week program.
Summer Basketball Camp from Youth PhysEd Services LLC
Youth PhysEd Services LLC
Taught by Certified Coach's that will teach you basic Fundamentals of Basketball and will improve your game. Proper Dribbling Rt/Lft Hand, shooting technique, Passing technique, and defensive footwork drills. If you want to improve your game this camp will do that. Camp is Online and starts August 1-5 3:30-4PM PST Cost for camp is $80.00. You can register at: Please check out our website at: