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A Celebrity Selfie Party: Visiting Madam Tussauds with Kids

By Meg Brunson

As we traveled across the US we’ve seen many Madam Tussaud Museums (and some knock-offs) but I've wanted to visit Madam Tussauds Las Vegas since my mom wouldn't take me there back when I was 14. Now my oldest is 14, and I've made my childhood dream come true for all of us.

Inside Madam Tussauds there are many different rooms and within each room, celebrity statues each have their own space. Some celebs have more props and background sets than others, which make them more or less appealing to the kids who in many instances didn’t know who people like Matthew McConaughey or Steve Aoki were – but were drawn to the interactive DJ set that accompanied Aoki and ignored McConaughey who was standing casually along the wall.

My kids love taking pictures – and knowing who the people were was unimportant to my youngest two (6 & 8) who eagerly just ran up to any figure, like golfer Jack Nicklaus, for a picture.

It was not just the kids who had fun – George Clooney was standing inside the little wedding chapel holding a bouquet of flowers and white wedding dresses were available to dress up in… I jumped right at the opportunity to experience wedded bliss with Clooney. My husband took the photos. 

As a family we’re huge Marvel fans and I loved the photo ops with characters like Nick Fury, Captain America, Spiderman, and the Hulk. We also enjoyed the Marvel Universe 4DMovie experience which was very cool. In addition to wearing 3D glasses and having the show jump off the screen at you, there were instances when air blew on our ankles, water sprayed gently over us, and we got to smell the bad breath of an alien. My youngest identified the smell as Lunchable meat

We all had so much fun taking photos with the variety of celebrity wax figures throughout Madam Tussauds – selecting just a few pics for this review was time consuming and difficult because we have so many fun pics from this one event!

Tips for a Terrific Trip:

  • Bring your selfie game – unless you have someone willing to take pics of you and all your favorite people, be prepared for lots of selfies! Bring the selfie stick, or prepare for an arm workout as you snap all the pics.
  • Be creative – these are wax statues and they can’t move, but you can. Take a minute to look at the statue and think about how you can pose that would fit in naturally with the pose of the statue. My favorite photos were ones that I was creative with, not just a typical selfie.
  • Be patient – There is a general flow to visiting the museum, and sometimes you have to wait a bit to take your picture with the next figure. Be patient with the guests ahead of you, they’re trying to get that perfect shot, too. A little patience goes a long way!
  • Check Camera Storage – this is a place where you’re bound to take A LOT of photos – so make sure you have enough space on your phone/camera. The last thing you want is to run out and either miss out on some pictures, or have to excuse yourself to delete pictures in order to make space on your phone!

Did you know that you can visit Madam Tussauds all over the world!? There are locations in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East – plus Hollywood, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nashville, Washington DC, and New York City. Select your preferred location, and start planning your trip, at https://www.madametussauds.com/

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