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Imagination Camp

Imagination Camp is a summer performing arts camp that is specifically designed for campers in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Camp sessions are one week long! This camp lays the foundations for effective collaboration as kids play hard with purpose while being introduced to and developing the skills of the creative theatre arts.

Kids arrive and start the day with a specific morning project that then leads into a time of warm-up. The day is spent moving through specific activities relating to the theme. These activities range from games to specific exercises in acting, movement, visual arts and storytelling. Lunch time is accompanied by a time of fun and games outside and the day ends with a healthy snack. Each day explores a specific piece of the theme which culminates in a small showing the final day of camp.

Dates & Themes
June 17-21: Medieval
Kings, Queens, Knights and Noblepersons unite! Come ‘round our table and explore this magical time and place. We will be playing with medieval sounds and making up stories that may (or may not) have happened a long long time ago.

June 24-28: Around the World
Join us on a trip around the globe! We will be looking at different cultures and different ways we all make art. Wonder how they dance in east Africa? Tell campfire stories in Hong Kong? Make street art in Cambodia? This week, we will have a blast learning and creating around the world!

July 1-3: *Short Workshop* Master Chef
Don’t we all like to play with our food? This camp’s theme is for the fun-loving and messy in all of us! Warm up your imagination and warm up your ovens as we dive into a plate of hot, fresh, and fun!

July 8-12: Go Green or Go Home
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! But is that the only way to go green? This week we will explore the whats, whys and hows of going green.
July 15-19: Lights, Camera, Action!
Welcome to our movie set! This week will be full of new characters and new stories as we create our own movies. The possibilities are endless! The end will wrap up with a red carpet movie premiere so start getting your outfit together!

July 22-26: Who dunnit?
Get your overcoats and fedoras ready for some pulse-quickening, scene-stealing, mysterious capers for you and your friends to create (and solve). There are so many mysteries to uncover!

July 29-August 2: Music Exploration
There are so many sounds in the world to explore! We will spend time learning time treasured classics and creating new beats.

August 5-9: Welcome to the Future
Use your imagination to dream up the future! Be it 2020 or 11789, we will create the stories to come. What does the future hold?

August 12-16: Run, Jump, Play!
After the great success of last year’s’ YACA Games™, we are ready to ramp it up! Join us for another week of wacky games, crazy obstacles and more. Come ready to work those muscles!

August 19-23: Some Call it Magic
Calling all wizards and witches! Join us for a week full of magic and spells as you are admitted into our very own school of witchcraft and wizardry.

August 26-30: Construction/Destruction
Build it! Break it! And build it again! Come have fun with us as we see what we can build together and what it looks like if our job is “to build” but someone else’s job is “to demolish”. Also, let’s look into creatures in the natural world who have specific jobs to build (like a beaver) and to demolish (like fungi).


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