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Little Town Christian Robotics Academy

We offer after school and school STEAM programs to students in grade pre-k -12th grade. We offer robotics leagues for grades k-12 all year long. We offer girls and boys coding classes and lab instruction clubs. And a ton of activities.

Lego Robotics uses Lego's like a fun tool to explore robotics, mechanical systems, electronics, and programming. Primarily a lab experience, this club provides students resources to design, build, and program functional robots constructed from Lego's and a few other parts, such as motors and sensors. The class also explores other topics of interest to the students, such as digital logic, modern robotics, or artificial intelligence. Absolutely no experience with Lego, robotics, or programming is needed. Lego Robotics is a great way to try out new ideas, play with Legos, and learn some basic engineering.

STEAM for pre-k -12th grade; Robotics leagues; coding classes.

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The classes we offer are core subjects for all grade levels.

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